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Village of Cherry Creek Box Culvert Replacement

Location: Cherry Creek, NY

Budget: $225,000

Completion Year: 2011


The existing culverts on Southside Avenue and Union Street were in need of replacement. The concrete decks were deteriorating and their integrity was beginning to come into question. This firm designed a culvert replacement solution, prepared the construction documents for the project, and provided management services during the construction phase. This firm was also involved in the coordination with the USACE and the NYSDEC in obtaining the necessary environmental permits for the project.

Village of Cherry Water System Improvements

Location: Cherry Creek, NY

Budget: $2,700,000

Completion Year: 2012


The Village was in need of a new source, a new storage tank, and extensive distribution system and water service upgrades. This firm assisted the Village in designing a project and putting it together in bidding contracts that were appropriate. We were required to coordinate with regulatory agencies as well as funding agencies on this project. Two new well houses and a glass-fused-to-steel water storage tank were constructed. Extensive distribution upgrades to improve fire flow capacity were also completed. Finally, a telemetry control system and service upgrades were completed.

Town of Randolph Culvert Replacement

Location: Randolph, NY

Budget: $215,000

Completion Year: 2017


The Town was faced with a challenging culvert replacement following damage during a spring runoff storm event. The culvert replacement was funded through State and Federal disaster assistance. We worked alongside the Town and funding and regulatory agencies from design and permitting through to successful completion of construction. A precast concrete box culvert provided speed of installation and maximized hydraulic capacity. The completed project will provide a safe, reliable, and environmentally conscious crossing for many years to come.

Village of South Dayton Tank Replacement

Location: South Dayton, NY

Budget: $400,000

Completion Year: 2011


The Village's existing 250,000 gallon painted steel water storage tank, (shown right) was slowly leaking and the protective coating was failing. This firm designed a solution for a new tank and prepared bidding documents. The small size of the site and the poor soil conditions presented unique challenges of this project. There was a lot of coordination between the owner, the regulatory agency, and the contractor leading up to and during the construction phase of this project. A glass-fused-to-steel bolted storage tank was chosen for this project.

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